Tracey Thomas


As one of the founders of Exec-PC, one of the largest Internet Service Providers of the 1990s, Thomas spent decades…[fill in brief professional history]. Upon retiring, her questions about life, love and the meaning of it all lead to her first (and only) film, a deeply personal documentary that explores some of life’s deepest questions. An official selection at the Milwaukee Film Festival, My First and Last Film benefited from Thomas’s business acumen, her expertise in management and task organization driving the film’s production. Today, Thomas also volunteers for organizations such as the Salvation Army and 91.7 WMSE, Milwaukee’s independent radio station. She is an avid blues music fan and dedicates her time and efforts to supporting the music scene in Milwaukee.


Kristin Peterson Kaszubowski


Kristin Peterson Kaszubowski is an award-winning film director, published poet, and playwright based in Milwaukee, WI.

photo cr4edit: Nick Collura

Dana Shihadah

Cinematographer + colorist

Dana Shihadah is a filmmaker and cinematographer based in Milwaukee, WI whose work includes documentaries, narrative films, music videos, and advertisements. Her personal work has landed her awards from Best Director to Jury Best Short and has screened across the globe. Partnering with director Carol Brandt, the duo recently premiered at the 2018 SXSW Film Festival their narrative feature “Pet Names” (one of The Hollywood Reporter’s “10 Best Films of SXSW 2018”).